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Communication Case

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There were two scenarios in the story categorized as Scenario A and Scenario B. The scenario A comprised of a man known as Jason who was blind and suffered from epilepsy. He had a guide dog named as Bo who used to assist him in specific tasks. The main purpose is to find out that whether they had communication with each other or was any language during different occasions. In the second scenario, a lady known as Sara talked to another child while caring for her daughter. The same thing that needs to be explored amongst the two scenarios presented. I have chosen to focus on Scenario A the scenario shows a great example of communication, which is traditionally defined as the act of giving and receiving (encoding and decoding) information. The exchange that takes place in the scenario presented clearly denotes that a human has trained the dog with a series of commands that have become internalized by the animal, to the point that the dog acts innately to those commands. The situation gives the proficiency that permits society to convey language in way of the modest also difficult methods. Instinctive communication prevails the difficulty we comrade through social language centered continuously in direction of the environment as well as meanings of language. Despite the fact that animals may possibly retain quite a bit of these structures, human beings alone retain all. I would have to say that Communication isn’t one and the same with language. Yes its correct majority of language accelerates communication; nonetheless, I feel that it isn’t totally communication is reflected as morphological. However animals interconnect by means of nature most times. Still, to say animal’s habit language should be confirmed centered for the total purposes through language by means of the nature of language.

The Scenario I have witnessed before where the guide dog was the eye’s ears for the individual, communication is vital. One


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