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Community Case

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The City of Kelsey, which is a virtual organization that was established by M. Kelsey in 1932 has an in-depth profile that describes its citizens, community, and their social responsibilities of living there. Kelsey City was founded by M. Kelsey with a vision "…to preserve the natural resources of the land and maintain a close-knit community" (City of Kelsey, History, 2011). Most citizens maintain the close-knit attitude and consider it their responsibility for social success.

The residents of Kelsey have a history in the agriculture sector and are one of self-sufficient means. The average age of the residents are in the 32 year category or early 30's and have an annual income of approximately. $17,725 (City of Kelsey, Profile, 2011). The residents of Kelsey perform many types of work in the technology sector in consulting services role as in delivery of materials and equipment, agricultural, and construction work within the community. Most residents maintain a closeness as a family environment and consider it their responsibility for social success and well-being of all who reside there.

The community has a variety of festivities and events throughout the year and an Annual balloon festival, farmer's market, St. Patrick's parade, Memorial Day coed softball tournament, golf tournaments, and a 10k marathon. They have a community rec center for families and children to get away to and enjoy other games and fun activities. There is a prison within the community that is one of the best law enforcement establishments in the country. Residents of the community work at the prison and convey to all their strong ethical standards. They create and awareness on the importance of quality service prisons that can mentor and rehabilitate inmates. In turn, it is the expectation that they see a decrease in the crime rate.

The Historic district (City Of Kelsey, Community, 2011) offer shoppers from all walks of life the opportunity


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