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Job Application

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Pierre-Charles RELANGE

27-30 Lower Buckhingam Street

Dublin 1


( 0852 36 17 91

Impala Direct LTD

32-34 Castle Street

Dublin 2


Tel : 01-6799145

22nd November 2011

Dear Sirs,

I am writing to you regarding the position of Customer Sales Advisor that i recently saw advertised on your website.

At present, I am studying for a degree in International Business, here in Dublin at ISB. It is a five year course, the course is of general business but with emphasis on marketing. Then I would like to do a specialiation in « B to C » because it is the area that I wish to pursue in my future carrer.

Previously, I have worked for the prestigious tennis tournament, Roland Garros last year in Paris where i was a salesman in the Roland Garros Store. I was responsible to sell the products from the brand and organizing the merchandising each morning. This experience has enabled me to learn a lot of skill in sales, how to a approch a customer, improve the quality of my welcome, work as a team and be more confident with foreign customers.

Furthermore I have worked at Stryker, near Lyon as a marketing assistant for the launch of a new product and organizing a medical show which is called the SOFCOT for Stryker. There I gained a lof of experience in terms of management and communication.

My CV is enclosed for your consideration. It offers my qualifications and experience in detail. However i have outlined below what i believe to


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