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21th Century Smart Technology Overtaken Our Lives

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21th century Smart Technology overtaken our Lives ( Against the technology)

The present day technology has significantly improved our lives in form of online shopping, advances in form of wearable communication  devices  was earlier depicted only in cartoon shows but not present day. Further one can simply buy devices which can assist and help you in cleaning the floors of your house, or just install smart home tech to your premises you need not have to worry regarding the HVAC controls and other necessity lighting and heating controls in our home. Rapid progress in technology has made our human life much easier no doubt, but it comes at a cost. By shaping technology according to our lives and wants, not everyone finds appreciation of technology in society.

    Most of the family are feeling the incursion of technology are thwarting relationships.Present day Most of the teens of this generation are fallen prey to technology sink hole. The constant texting and presence in social media sites like facebook and Instagram has hold the teens back from having any social interaction and development with their peers and persons around in their family. One of the factor which has been influencing the teens could be due to adolesecence stage in teens life.

Another factor which is fast gaining popularity in recent time is IOT( Internet of things) which could affect our daily life. With lot of connected system which are being developed at rapid rate. We individuals in near future would be bound to be controlled by sensors rather than our mind being controlled by five sense organs as read and proved by Science IOT starts to influence the human life straight away from the place we live- Home. The smart home system works on IOT which helps to reduce and save energy going wasted thereby making it easier to save and conserve energy.light will react when one enters room, heating system is synced with externak temperature with sensors, or once you enter pantry the coffee maker would start making coffee by itself. Here the mentioned things might sound Strange but this is the reality of the existence that is already available and exists.


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