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Healthy Living

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Heath can be described as a physical and mental well-being of separation from disease, pain or any deficiency. However, such identification can only define the actual meaning of health. There may be cases were individuals are not necessarily ill or in pain but may be stressed, emotionally unstable or overweight. Health is the quality of living healthy and involving interaction and dependence among the individual's physical and mental states, reactions, and the social context in which the individual exists. There are many factors that influence overall health, but three major components that contribute to general healthy living are: Self-awareness, a balanced diet and, regular physical activity.

In order to lead healthy living, it is essential that individuals constantly control their health. This involves not only physical, but also mental and emotional aspects of the body's performance, as an individual relates to the home, school, work, and other environments. If necessary changes are made sooner rather than later, then a stable, balanced and healthy lifestyle will be more consistently maintained. According to Sheer Balance, self awareness makes us better both from a health perspective and as a person. Here is why "First we have empathy, which is having the ability to see when we are wrong or need improvement when we have made a mistake, allows us to see other peoples' perspectives and to be empathetic to our personal situation or their situation and feelings. Secondly is admission, often we or other people can't even see that they are wrong in the first place. They tend to think that they are always right and if something doesn't work out as planned, it is always someone else's fault. Thirdly is the man in the mirror, if we can acknowledge our flaws, we can make positive change to improve upon them. Knowing is half the battle, and if you can admit to the qualities that are less than stellar about yourself you can change them or improve upon them. Fourth is tolerance, when you can see your own faults, it is easier to accept others'. Fifth there is humility, which is the understanding that we ourselves are not perfect and allows us to get off our high-horses. Further, know we can always be better and as a result, can be thankful for the good that does come our way. Last but not least, Likability. Let's face it: No one likes a know-it-all or an individual who thinks they are always right. Having the ability to see other people's viewpoints, to be open and flexible, and acknowledge that you are not the only person who has the answer makes you a more attractive person" (Sheer Balance). Self awareness gives you the ability to be open, thoughtful and aware of how you impact yourself and others. It is one of the best and most valuable qualities you can have for healthy living!

To maintain the healthy living balanced diet


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