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Speech - Our Journey Continues and Our Lives Are Exposed to Certain Changes

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By: Juanito R. Ramirez

Our journey continues and our lives are exposed to certain changes.

Tonight, we live in a fast-changing and ever-challenging world – a world filled with opportunities, passion, chaos, life demands, survival, competition and the like. And I can't help but wonder "What would the future bring to my generation? Can anyone tell me what will happen in the next 10 years or so?" These questions kept recurring in my head. Perhaps a glimpse of the future would sacrifice my feelings of uncertainty.

After an exhausting coverage of the World Peace talks, I decided to take a leave from my position as CNN International Correspondent. I wanted to take some well-earned rest after chasing diplomats in the summit.

I took a plane and began my journey back to the school where I graduated from 15 years ago… before boarding the plane to Philippines, I noticed a familiar looking guy approaching me. I could not believe that it was JULIUS NICOLE GALVEZ. He told me that he works as the manager of the USA Jet Airways.

My scheduled flight was ten minutes behind schedule, so I bought the latest issue of the New York Times, wanting to read the article of my favorite editor, ANNA DOMINIQUE ROMULO. I scanned the pages and a beautiful picture caught my eye with the caption: "ELIZABETH DELA FUENTE; Career Woman of the Year". She looked as beautiful as she was 15 years ago. After several inquiries from the management, the plane was now ready to take off. I sat on 12B, near the aisle, and decided to take a nap. Before I could even close my eyes, a stewardess tapped may arm. It was MARIA CARLOTA OBAÑA. She told me that MAUREEN ERLANO was international flight attendants of Pan Am. From her I gathered that the pilot of the plane was Capt. PAUL CARREON.

I continued reading the newspaper. There was also an article about the recent Nobel Prizes. I was so happy that CLARRIZE MAINIT won the Nobel Prize for Mathematics for contradicting the Pythagorean Theorem and establishing a new one to replace the now-erroneous mathematical formula. JANMAR VIJANDRE was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for formulating a super durable material now used in safety helmet. On the next page was an article about the robbery at Fort Knox. US Treasury Head PRINCESS DIZON announced to the press that everything is under control and that the FBI is already tracking down the suspects. SHAUN CAYZLE DELA CRUZ won elections as the new governor of Saipan. Miss Universe IVY JOY INONCILLO, Miss World KELLY NESS SOLIVEN, and Miss International ROSETTE SAMANIEGO just got back from Sahara region in Africa after their successful feeding program. Then I heard the captain speaking that we were now landing at the Philippine port.

We were billeted at the Manila Plaza, now owned by the successful team of RANJO


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