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The Advantages of Living in a Multi

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As the economic environment growth, more and more counties are boundary-less, different people migrate to one place, society become globalization, and multi-cultural has gradually evolved a new society character influence such as language, living style, food, art, sport, music, economic, and so on.

Under Multi-cultural, people have more opportunity to develop economic, counties join different association to achieve each goal, most important example is EU (European union). EU is an economic and political association; base on ECSC (European coal and steel community) and EEC (European Economic Community) form by 6 countries, after 6 times expansion, there are 27 countries members, Trading through one currency, set up independent institutions as, European council, European commission, European central bank, make decision by all EU member countries. EU develop one single market, running a standard system and laws are applied in each single member country. Right now, EU has 500 million populations, it is second of most important economic part, it generate 24% share of global economic.

Through the people immigrate, people gain the benefit from multiculturalism, If someone want to have dinner in Chinese restaurant or Italian café, then he can easily find one in the area where you settled and do not need to travel to their own country. Also sport is influenced by, The cricket and rugby are exported from British, and become the worldwide sports.

The one of greatest of challenges facing of America and Europe is immigrating since from 1990s, and now, Asian country and pacific become more attractive, such as China PR and Australia. The movements of immgrate around the world, diverse nationality peoples from the different cultural share the same territory, lives together, learn from each other, develop the society, influence the people and move on.


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