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Advantage and Disadvantage of Bureaucracy Model

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I am feeling upset. I completed a journey from Sonargoan. Watch the hide & secrete game of Tom and Jerry. I took an outstanding launce with beef, chicken, fish, fruit, milk, coke and so much other foods served by aunty. She has a extra ordinary cooking hand. Just in a word delicious. I started my return journey with my friend and a younger brother. That's also enjoyable. But when I reached my home then I feel upset. I don't understand why. I captured some photo on museum. Those are not bad, probably so good. Any way I uploaded the photo on my PC. But they are not able to make my mind fresh. I thought write something. But what I write? I am not as creative as a novelist. So I am writing this. I don't know what my theme is. I know it can't choice by any person but I will choice. Because it about myself.Perception is representative of how a consumer processes and interprets

Information. we could describe perception as the way that consumers see

The world around them— the world that includes our products and services. Perceptions are unique and determine purchasing behavior in every consumer differently. Perception is important to us because it represents the way the consumer views our product or service. We can influence the perception of your consumer by understanding the current perception consumers have of our product and making changes so our product is recognized, interpreted, and stored in their memory (rather than simply ignored).

Familiarize us with perception, sensory thresholds, and the process that consumers go through to construct their perception. We can use this information to tailor our marketing stimulus — such as ads, packaging, and pricing — for each particular segment that we are trying to attract. Perception is such an important part of getting consumers to purchase our product or service.

Perception is important because


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