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Advantages and Disadvantages of Rmit online Enrollment

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Online Enrollment System (OES), which allows students register for new semesters and courses, has become familiar to a large number of international universities in general and RMIT in particular. According to Lovelock, Wirtz & Chew (2009), OES is one kind of Self-Service Technologies because students use it to take their orders from the service (RMIT) by themselves. By using EOS, students as well as RMIT have some advantages:

Firstly, EOS can help students save time for a reason that they can avoid many unnecessary steps, such as waiting in many lines to get the form, filling the from and waiting for supervisor to get advices. In addition, for some students living far from RMIT they can also save time and transport cost since they are able to directly enrol their courses by EOS without going to RMIT.

The final advantage is the flexible enrolment time. Specifically, students can apply their forms anytime instead of following the timetable. In case, the student who studies to 12pm so they have to wait until 2pm to enrol.

On the other hand, EOS is not the perfect method to enrol because it also has drawbacks:

First of all, there are a large number of students accessing to EOS concurrently to have places in the courses they want to study in the next semester so EOS always cannot be logged in. As a result, those students who cannot log in EOS have to wait for 1 hour, 2 hours or even until 5 hours. What’s more, when these students log in EOS, the courses they want to apply are full.

Finally, when students enrol online they cannot have advice from the supervisors. In some cases, the students have confusion about the course they want to study in the next semester, for example they do not know which courses they should study together. Therefore, they will make wrong decision.

Reference: Lovelock, C., Wirtz, J. & Chew, P. 2009, Essentials of Services


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