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Advantages and Disadvantages of Working in Groups

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Working in a group involves sharing of resources, values, and ways of performing activities (Benson, 2010). Each member of a group should identify his or her responsibility and role for the project. Working in a group can be either frustrating or enjoyable depending on how the group members actively contribute. Therefore, there are a number of positive and negative aspects of working in a group. However, the positive aspects of working in a group outweigh the negative aspects. A well-organized group of people can be able to accomplish a task within a short period as compared to when a single individual does the same task. When a group of individuals brainstorms together, individuals are likely to come up with a variety of solutions and ideas (Benson, 2010). Working in a group can make it possible to assign certain tasks to each individual according to their talents and strengths, which can enhance high quality outcome. Group members are likely to work hard with an aim of impressing others, and as a result, they accomplish a task in time. A group project can be more enjoyable because of its social aspect. On the other hand, there is a variety of negative aspects of working in a group. Many different opinions and ideas may bring about disagreement among group members (Benson, 2010). When one individual fails to complete a task, the entire project will collapse. Bigger groups make it is difficult to schedule times when every individual can get together. Excessive socializing and chit chatting can slow down the accomplishment of a task (Benson, 2010). Since the positive aspects of working in a group outweigh the negative aspects, it is necessary to encourage individuals to work in groups.


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