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Living with Your Heart Is Living in Wholeness

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Living with your heart is living in wholeness. Yes, I strongly agree with this statement. In living our lives, we must know what our hearts really want that will make us feel happy and whole.

For instance, taking a course or degree that you're not interested with. Probably, it's because of your parents' decision or anyone influential or important to you or perhaps because of certain reasons. This is like living your life under other's control and expectations. This gives you a feeling of emptiness simply because this is not what your heart tells. Eventually you'll never stop seeking for what your heart really wants until you fill that emptiness within you.

So, the right thing to do is following our hearts. Surely it will give us the pure joy and satisfaction that we seek. Why choose to be empty if we have the choice to be happy? It's just this simple; stay if you're happy, leave if you're not. I believe that the happier we feel, the more meaningful our lives.

Truly, following our hearts gives us pure happiness. I have this teacher before that really inspired me. She has a wealthy life that she doesn't even need to work. Her children are professional people and some are even working abroad. But she's getting older and her children wanted her to stop teaching so that she can rest well but then she loves sharing her knowledge to people. She loves helping others through education. She loves giving inspiration. So, she continued teaching inspite of what her children told her. Her reason? Simply because teaching makes her happy and whole; teaching is what her heart wants. She believes that being a teacher and as well as inspiration not only to her children but also to others are the missions she need to fulfill in life and she succeeded.

Also, we need to think things through so that our feelings or emotions is perfectly balanced with reasons because the secret of the heart is when reason


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