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How Do Religious Traditions Maintain Continuity Through Core Religious Beliefs

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Every religion has their own set of core religious beliefs which form the base and foundation of that religion. Maintaining continuity of these core beliefs is essential for a variety of reasons, especially to keep a religion going from generation to generation and many different methods are used, especially in Catholicism to maintain continuity.

Firstly, not only do core religious beliefs form the basis of a religion, but if they aren’t maintained, the religious could be jeopardised and even cease to exist as there is no substance or guidance for one to look out for. Without stable core beliefs, people can’t be expected to know the beliefs and therefore many people won’t feel committed or a part of the religion as they won’t understand what the beliefs are and so don’t know what to believe in, henceforth becoming detached and uncertain with no confidence in the religion.

Also, because core beliefs are the source of other beliefs, teachings, ethical principles and moral teachings, it is important that the Catholic Church maintain continuity so as to ensure that they continue being unique and are not heavily influenced by external factors and other religions. They need to keep their distinctive identity so it is easier for the followers to keep up and understand the aim of the religion.

In addition, by maintaining continuity of the core beliefs, it gives credibility to the Church’s claims. If the core beliefs were to be constantly changed, no one would have faith in what the Church believes and their devotion to the faith will eradicate with time. Consequently, by maintaining continuity of these fundamental beliefs, it is providing validity, reason and means of other dimensions of religion.

The Jewish believed that the Messiah would restore Israel and rebuild the temple as well as gather all Jews back together. They also believed that he would be a military leader descended from King David who would be anointed King, bring world peace and restore full observance of the Torah. Despite Paul maintaining continuity of this belief of the Messiah the Jewish had descending from King David, he also led people to understand that Jesus or ‘Christ’ as he referred to him was the Son of God as from the Jewish People, according to the flesh, comes the Christ who was sent by God to fulfil the promises to the Jewish Patriarchs. He also continued the belief that the Messiah was to be ‘born in human likeness’ and was ‘being found in human form’ as


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