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Behavior, Moral and Religious

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Behavior, Moral, and Religious

Behavior is the way somebody or something acts or function in particular situations. Behavior can differ into three categories, they are universal behavior, cultural behavior, and personal behavior. Universal behavior is action that done by all people or things in the world in particular situation. For examples: (a) people will angry if they got indignity; (b) human must be feel fall in love to their opposite gender and want to marry. Those two examples are things that universally happen to people in this world. That why those are called universal behavior.

Cultural behavior is action that done by particular society in particular situation. For examples: (a) when older people talk to you, you have to see their eyes to show that you pay attention to them; (b) shake hand when you meet others you know. Those two things are done by only particular society, not by all people in this world. The first example generally done by western people. It is their culture while in east culture, especially Javanese, it is some thing impolite to do. Then the second one is done by particular society too, some society do not do that one. Some usually kissing each other or crooked their back when they met others.

Then, personal behavior is action that done by some one in particular situation. For examples: (a) when someone saw other slipped at the stage, she/he spontaneously laughing; (b) some people always give some money to beggar they meet. Those two actions are done by some people only. Other people might be do not did the same when they placed in that kind situation.

Actually behavior has a standard. That standard is principles of right and wrong. It is called moral. Someone is describes as being moral if he/she doing something that have agreed by all people that those act are good. For examples, showing good attitude in daily life, act and speak politely, respect other people, etc. Without it's attached in write, adult human must be able to distinct between what is good and bad.

If there is goodness, it must there badness too. Someone who doing badness can describes as being immoral. For examples: killing people, stealing, breaking traffic rules, etc, in condition if that badness done by people who can differ between right and wrong. If that badness done by five years old child for example, we can not say that child is immoral.

Behavior or moral often concerned to religious life. Both behavior and moral are taught in all religion. There are some religion that admitted in Indonesia, they are Islam, Buddhist, Catholic, Protestant, and Hindu. Every religion has different dogma. The followers do the religious service in different way too. Yet, all still have same purpose. To picture how each religion are different but have the same purpose, I will little bit write about my observation that compare the religious service between Protestant and Islam.



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