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Religious Aspects

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The Second Great Awakening was a overall strong revival of the religious aspects of the United States. Overall, The First Great Awakening was the base structure of the second although the second was much more optimistic. The birth of the Second Great Awakening influenced multiple aspects in the North. Utopian communities,which modeled as a spiritual center of society. and temperance, like the sale of liquor. These two ideas greatly influenced the north, in multiple aspects.

Utopian communities were basically the “perfect” model societies of the north. Different came out in the Second Great Awakening. A popular writer of this time, was Emerson. Emerson was an important because of his writings about unity with one another, and the unity from humans with nature. His teachings and writings inspired many others, and The utopian societies were much like the Putrains utopians societies during the first great awakening. This is so, because they both were set as a role model for other societies. Although they were similar, they were also different, utopian communities were much less religious compared to the puritans. For example, the shakers were a group who did not believe in any sexual relations with your partner. This is one way that the utopian communities varied from the communities created from the puritans almost a whole century prior. Other communities also were based off free love. Free love was ultimately an idea that you could have a sexual relationship with more than one person at a time. In free love, you could not marry the people you had sexual relation with. Overall, the utopian communities differed from the previous Great Awakening. Also, the different utopian communities of the Second Great Awakening varied due to location and different ideas.


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