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How the Aspects Unhappiness and Happiness Manifest in Madame Bovary

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How do the aspects happiness and unhappiness are manifested with Madame Bovary and Florentino Ariza?

Madame Bovary is a French novel, which was written by Gustave Flaubert and was published in 1856. Emma Bovary, who is the protagonist of the novel, leads a empty and dull married life and therefore, tries to add excitement in her life by involving herself in adulterous affairs. However, Love in the times of cholera is a Spanish novel, which was written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Florentino Ariza, who is the male protagonist of the novel, is an overly obsessive and passionate lover, who is emotionally devastated, after his love, Fermina Daza decides to marry a rich man, instead of him. He then waits for her husband to die so that he can declare his love for her once again.

In Madame Bovary, Emma finds temporary happiness, but does not find true happiness in the entire novel. According to me I don't think she really finds any happiness. In fact, I believe she feels more like she is living when she gets the materialistic things she dreams about such as curtains, the dresses and the huge house, a high-end life, and her many love affairs, but in reality she is really not happy. Whereas In Love in the times of cholera, Florentino Ariza only finds true happiness in the simplest of things such as, loving Fermina Daza and writing letters to her, and writing poetry. Moreover, he does not only find happiness in writing letters to her but also helping to write love letters for others, so that they can be united, with the aid of his love letters which he used to write for them. In addition, He does not find happiness in owning anything materialistic like Emma Bovary, he just wants to love and be loved by his one and only love Fermina.

About Emma's love affairs, her first love affair was Charles. However, I feel her love affair with Charles wouldn't be considered a ‘'love affair'', because she wanted to escape from her fathers farm, since she wanted more excitement and happiness in her life, other than staying indoors and doing household chores, and not exploring the world.

In the beginning of her marriage, Emma feels the excitement. Later on however, when Emma gets pregnant, she and Charles, become very excited and happy. Emma becomes more excited than Charles does, because she hopes for a baby boy. However, the baby turns out to be a girl and Emma becomes extremely disappointed and discontent.

Moreover, as time goes by, Emma realizes that she leads an unhappy married life, because he is part of the lower class, and mainly she perceives that Charles is boring, and nothing like she dreamt of in her romantic fantasies. Continuing with her unhappiness, she has an affair with Leon. However, there comes a time in the book, where Leon has to leave her to study at a law school in Paris, making her frustration even more intense. Emma then meets


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