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How Are Beliefs About a Higher Being Communicated to the Religious Tradition You Have Studied?

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The beliefs about God are communicated to members of the religion in many ways.

The beliefs about God in the Catholic Faith are communicated to Catholics in many ways such as when they go to church on Sundays. When people attend church, they hear the word of God from the bible read by the parish's father.

The word of god and the bible is Divinely inspired. The bible is the earliest recount of the Catholic tradition and is used in the liturgy every mass.

The nature and purpose of religious beliefs are communicated to us in many different ways. The theological foundation of the Catholic tradition is what makes the tradition unique including the Eucharist and the sacraments in which we take part in through our journey through the catholic tradition. These foundational beliefs are unmentionably, unquestionably, unchanging core central. These beliefs are evident in many creeds. The beliefs help us understand the ultimate question on life, as well as creating meaning for people. These beliefs are portrayed through the church liturgy. These beliefs create meaning in life for the catholic community who come together in prayer at church.

Characteristics about God are described in many ways. God is described as ubiquitous, meaning that God is present everywhere at once. God has been portrayed as being a higher being, being everywhere at once and no other being is higher then that of God. God's characteristics are described as being not physical, but in fact a spirit. God is the foundation of all creation, and the beginning of life and earth. God is a supreme being, watching over us in the heavens, as described to us in the bible. God is the trinity; the father the son and the holy spirit. This is due to the fact that god is depicted as being richer and greater then any other thing on earth. God is supreme. All of his creation put together cannot be prevented which is what the catholic tradition


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