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Team Performance

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Vignette Introduction

Two team members, Jeremy and Heather, are not talking to each other—but they are talking about each other to everyone else. You are worried that their deteriorating relationship may begin to affect team performance and are considering how you will approach them with this issue.

Action set A

Which of the actions below would you take in the scenario described above? What would you say or do to take each action? How would you sequence your actions, and why?

Set a personal example of what you expect of others – Yes, it is applicable in this scenario. Having a broader announcement in the team about using communication as a tool for building the team as opposed to breaking the team.   ---3

Talk about future trends about how our work will get done – No.

Seek out challenging opportunities that will test your own skills and abilities. – No.

Develop cooperative relationships with the people that you work with – Yes it is needed. Instead of just trying to solve the issue at the surface level, going to the roots of it and addressing it will actually help building better relationships within the team (constructive conflict).   ---6

Praise people for a job well done – Yes, It is needed to praise people for a job well done in a team. Making each individual understand how important they are in the team, how they contribute to in an effective team environment to accomplish their common goals. This can also be an introductory conversation to reinforce their importance in the team.  ---5

Spend time and energy making certain that the people I work with adhere to the principles and standards we have agreed on – Yes, Having principles and standards in a team will definitely help in creating a cohesive team environment, and also healthy team boundaries.   ---2

Describe a compelling image of what our future could be like – Yes, Talking about future will definitely be helpful in understanding the importance of working together as a team.    ---4

Challenge people to try out new and innovative ways to do their work. – Possibly Yes, If the conflict is related to work, then definitely it is an action to work on.

Actively listen to diverse points of view. – Yes, Hear each person’s perspective, see what the issue is and go from there.    --- 1

Make it a point to let people know about my confidence in their abilities – Yes, Letting people know how important they are in the team and appreciate their abilities to effectively work in the team to accomplish the job.  ---7


Actively listen to diverse points of view. – Yes, Hear each person’s perspective, see what the issue is and go from there.    --- 1


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