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Ldr 531 - Addressing Challenges of Groups and Teams

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BUsiness MBA 531/LDR

Addressing Challenges of Groups and Teams

Jabari J. Dew

LDR 531

Feb 1, 2011

Patricia Munson

Addressing Challenges of Groups and Teams

In the late 80's and early 90's Motorola was the top company in the mobile phone race. However Motorola passed up the opportunity in 1995 to pioneer the digital phone market. Senior Management at Motorola decided to stick with the analog designs, because they felt sure that 50% market share and 43 million customers couldn't be wrong. It was well know industry wide that management at Motorola was very close minded and did not allow input from any outside of senior management. That lack of communication caused Motorola's market share to drop to 17% after the introduction of the digital market. Motorola has since been bought out and though hasn't faded it out; it has just become part of the scenery.

Motorola's senior leadership's lack of communication contributed to the loss of revenue for the company. It is almost impossible to imagine why the management of a technology based company would fail to have enough vision to act on such opportunity as pioneering the industry in a new direction. The management failed to capitalize on the asset of out of the box thinkers.

Motorola and most companies in general should have training plans with your to increase the effectiveness of their organizations by discussing challenges and benefits of group and team communication, collaboration, and conflict. Perhaps if Motorola had better communication practices, management could have collaborated with the other employees to find a way to retain more of a market share.

Regardless of whether or not the company in question is Motorola or any other company or industry, the most important role of a team training plan should be focused on communicating the mission of the team. All employees should have a full understanding of what is the overall mission is of the collaboration. The first step is to communicate to the employee the overall mission of the company. Second, the individual must understand what role his/her department plays in the mission. Third, the individual needs to understand what role he/she plays in the department. Finally, a training program can then be introduced to help the organization to take advantage of the benefits of group and team communications, collaborations and conflict.

Team A collaborated and outlined features that the training program must include. The potential wealth of innovative ideas is the biggest benefit of good team communication strategies. Companies should incorporate open


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