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Strategic Human Resource Management

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With technological advancements and expanding horizons for organizations to pursue, there have been substantial changes in the way businesses are operated in general. Leaders and managers have migrated from a directive to a more supportive and consultative approach in their roles and with better insight and planning, organizations have realized the importance of grooming employees from within to address succession challenges encountered within the organizations. Many organizations have realized the importance of employee well-being and minimal turnover in order to achieve growth on a consistent basis. With these changes, organizations have started to migrate from a traditional Human resources approach, which is purely administrative in nature, to a strategic approach that is geared towards developing plans that fit within the larger structure of the organization’s plans.

There has been a huge wave to migrate to a strategic human resource approach and many top flight companies such as Google and Amazon have adopted variations of this approach. It appears that there have been considerable number of articles published on the importance of adopting strategic human resource management approach. The research question will be if there is any verifiable evidence on the positive impact strategic human resource management approach on an organization’s performance. This rapid evidence assessment paper is an attempt to analyze the studies performed on strategic human resource practice’s validity and the impact this approach has had on the organizations’ growth and prosperity. The paper would also try to identify if there are any limitations to the approach and if there is a single recipe that can be utilized by organizations in general in order to increase their performance.


The research was aimed at finding if implementation of strategic human resource management and practices had any impact on the organization’s performance on the whole. The key words that were used in the search criteria were “strategic human resource” and “organization performance” or “firm performance”. An attempt made to tease out the differences in impact between traditional human resource management, which is considered to be more of an administrative role, and the strategic human resource management. The outcome of the search did not result in multitude of articles the search results did include some intriguing aspects that could be considered for the future. Inclusion of the term “meta-analysis” in the key words did not result in many articles with relevant context except for the one included in this research.

The search results were further filtered based on the type of articles and the only the peer reviewed articles were considered for further research. This filter was applied to ensure that the articles included for this research


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