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Mountain Bank - Strategic Human Resource Management - Hrm 530

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Running head: MOUNTAIN BANK

Week 3 Assignment

Angela Williams

Strayer University

Strategic Human Resource Management-HRM 530

Dr. Demaris Garrett

January 17, 2012


Mountain Bank is a small bank located in the northwest United States. Its major function is in retail banking, although the bank has three other business lines which are consumer lending, real estate and mortgage, and corporate banking. Mountain Bank has managed to acquire about 50 percent of the retail banking in the area. Although it isn’t a lot of capital for the bank, this business entails checking and savings accounts. The consumer business is doing average with 25 percent of the market for secured and unsecured loans, which is from home equity lines of credit, automobiles/boat, to credit cards.

These services are viewed from outside as a stable form of income. The bank has been unable to provide corporate banking to business corporate clientele. The bank is only able to provide less than 5 percent in the corporate banking market for acquiring equipment and expanding business to their clients, although this service would be beneficial to Mountain Bank. It did not maintain stability due to only servicing less than 10 percent of the market for real estate and mortgage banking. Leadership realized that in order to maintain leverage, their strategy must be based off of their strongest access.

Mountain Bank

Discuss the strategies that Mountain Bank should implement to achieve a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

To achieve a competitive advantage in the marketplace, Mountain Bank should implement the differentiation strategy. Mountain Bank would be providing unique products and better services for customers unlike those of other banks. The employees at Mountain Bank hold the key to achieving the competitive edge. Mountain Bank’s employees would hold an advantage over their competitors as they tend to be cordial and highly skilled, which makes customers feel trusting. In an article by an author is said that, “The differentiation strategy of a business is a predetermined set of actions designed to produce and deliver goods or services to customers who perceive the company’s offering as different.” (Fletcher) Using this strategy would guide Mountain Bank into creating a unique bank that would be seen as different from all other banks. The advantage to this business strategy would be to have employees


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