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Pso - the Leading Oil Marketing Company Proposal

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PSO is the leading Oil Marketing Company (OMC) of the country having well established storage and supply infrastructure and a wide-spread retail network. At present the energy landscape is changing world wide as well as in Pakistan. It is therefore essential to have a robust process of leadership development that can deal with a dynamic market scenario. At present the top leadership layer of the company including MD, DMDs and GMs comprises of about 30 persons and the next management layer includes another 250 persons comprising of DGMs and their direct reports. It is imperative that a formal process of succession planning be put in place to ensure long term growth of the professionals in a merit based environment which will nurture people development in a systematic way.

Proposal Acquired:

Based on above context, three proposals were acquired i.e.

  1. Schuitema – Human Excellence Group
  2. A.I. M I R
  3. HRFIRST (Pvt.) Limited

Comparison of Proposals:

Schuitema – Human Excellence Group

  • Theory based proposal
  • Six months were required for training rollout

A.I. M I R

  • Software was proposed to be acquired by PSO which was too costly
  • Payment in USD

HRFIRST (Pvt.) Limited

  • The one day intervention has scope based on two points i.e.
  1. Business Continuity through developing talent from within the organization
  2. Engage senior team through sharing essential concepts & practices, experience sharing amongst the participants and alignment of participants (more importantly senior team) with Client HR Team on the way forward, thus securing buy-in from the participant on the in-house model to be developed later.
  • Training fee of Rs. 120,000/- which include designing & customization and training cum facilitation fees to be charged.

The proposal submitted by HRFIRST is the best fit to PSO culture & environment based on its relevancy and is cost effective. Also the trainer was willing to customize as per PSO requirements.


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