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Fashion Marketing Dissertation Proposal

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21 August 2015

Ya-Hsin Hsiao

Research topic

Our research topic is celebrity fashion lines and endorsement with celebrities’ own design ideas and analysis. Celebrity endorsement has been widely used at marketing communications in fashion industry to support the corporations’ images (Erdogan, 1999). Sales and net profit could be increased through celebrity endorsement marketing strategy, leading to a higher recall of the product, a better image, and a positive influence on the attitude of consumers towards the brand. The evidence of this could be found from the previous researches that celebrity endorse help advertisement promotion that allow new target markets being entered through the brand marketing strategy (Sherman,1985; Erdogan, 1999).

Given the advantage of promoting products by celebrity endorsement, it is not surprising to notice the increasing popularity for fashion industry to see the celebrity fashion line. Being an entrepreneur and designer has now become common for celebrities as not only the cost of promotion is hugely reduced as a result of their reputations, allowing themselves representing their brands, but such fashion label can satisfy customers’ needs to follow their fashion icons. My research seeks to analyze the factors of significant impacts on the celebrity entrepreneurship of private label and cooperation with existing brands, which involve celebrities’ own design when starting ventures or develop own fashion lines in the fashion industry. It can be seen that a celebrity entrepreneur of fashion label, Victoria Beckham, who established and lead her own fashion brand, and a collaboration between a stylish celebrity and brand, such as Alexa Chung for AG, are successful examples for launching products that celebrities both endorse and design. Since when celebrities are favored by customers in fashion industry, then the brands they endorse will be automatically associated for people, thus the attitude existing in the market will be positively impacted (McCracken, 1989). It is also suggested by O'Mahony & Meenaghan (1997) that Furthermore, Celebrity endorsements are an omnipresent feature of marketing at present.


To examine the celebrity endorsement phenomenon and celebrity fashion lines, a Hypothesis that erected in the beginning will be verified through a structured questionnaire responded by selected sample of consumers and case study of


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