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Proposal of the Glass Integrated or Headphone Laser &flashlight "optix"

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DATE: February 12th, 2010


FROM: Research & Development Team:

Musab ÖZDEMİR, Sezgin ORKUN, Mehmet Onur KEKLİKCİ

SUBJECT: Proposal of the glass integrated or headphone laser &flashlight “OPTIX”


We are proud to present our product “OPTIX” which is a laser pointer that can be either integrated to eyeglasses or attached to ears as headphone. The main idea behind the product is to point out or highlight the parts the presenter reads or shows the audiences. It can mostly be used by students, teachers, and businessman in presentations, and lectures. Instead of old-fashioned lasers, “OPTIX” shows the audiences the main points that presenter wants to focus and highlight in a stylish way. It can also be used in conferences, symposiums by the presenter. Furthermore, the intended population can be broadened by the customization option so that every potential customer could design their own “OPTIX” which meets their desires, needs and tastes. They can design their customized products and order from our website

Our main objective while producing this product is to ease the presentations and make them more effective and efficient. By this product, you can easily attract the audience’s attention to wherever you want, without using your hands, namely hands-free, just by looking at it. Then, just look and let the audience enjoy it.


The product “OPTIX” has lots of unique features that its competitors don’t have:

It has several laser shape options, like thin-bold point, circular, rectangular and etc.

It has various options for the color of the light, like red, blue, yellow and etc. The presenter can choose the appropriate laser color according to the color of background.

It can be metal or plastic.

Its maximum weight will be about 20-25 gr. according to plastic or metal options.

It has long-lasting batteries approximately for 100 hours.

It has power button so that it can be switched off any time.

It has the automatic switch off function; when it is not used for a long time, it will be off automatically.

It has two years warranty.


By using this product, you can point out the parts you read without using your hands. By doing so,


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