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Need Assessment for Dr Lieberman's Podiatry office

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Need assessment for Dr Lieberman's Podiatry Office

Dr Lieberman has been a Podiatrist for over 20 years and has a commitment for quality foot care, great customer service, and keeping costs down. He has 2 offices in Southern California, and is looking to expand by bringing in other types of specialties into the office. His staff who has been with him for the past 10 years for one and 2 others at 2 years now; he would like to look at methods that are being done in the office, use of equipment, currently he is also updating to electronic records in which training will be needed for him and his staff. The software has already been chosen and what needs to occur is to train the staff. The issue that has been coming into play is that he and his staff are older adults and not very savvy when it comes to technology.

The implementation of the electronic records is going to be made mandatory. Therefore to comply with CA state guidelines Dr Lieberman must implement and have all medical records electronic by June 2012. Because this is a small family owned business, he will need to implement some technology training and also need to hire staff to assist with the transition; as well as get all the current records transferred over.

Also for Dr Lieberman to look into how he and his employees use the office resources, such as, bandages, lotions, files, and surgical tools. What the current methods are and how they could stream line processes.

What is needed to accomplish all of this may be some outsourcing, technology training, and possibly an outside source coming into the office to look at how things are done so they are able to find ways of cutting costs while still giving the highest level of service to their clients.

Organizational Analysis:

Dr Lieberman sat down with his employees to brainstorm a bit on how to succeed with what his vision for the future of the office will be. During this process he found that the employees are not feeling good about the transition to the EMR's, and also that they feel they need additional help; the office has been very successful. With the support of the staff Dr Lieberman is looking into some computer based training, he has found that this may be the best way to help with the transition. Because Dr Lieberman wants to keep his cost down he has decided to go with some learning. He will look into venders to find the most effective and cost efficient training out there.

There is also the need for some potential outsourcing to have all the files transferred to the EMR system. This will be basically scanning the current documents and saving them into the system. This will be a rather large undertaking because of the amount of files needed to be scanned. Therefore he could either see if his current staff would like the additional hours or look for a company who handles such undertakings.


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