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Environmental Impact Assessment

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College of Government, Business and Economics

Environmental Impact Assessment

(ERM 212)

S and G Diversified Farm

Submitted to:

Prof. Carmelita P. Martinez

Submitted by:

Engr. Vivian R. Bahalla

Marjorie C. Balsa

Karyn Chrislene A. Vitor

Executive Summary

In support to the continuing effort of DENR to strengthen the implementation of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIS) System under PD 1586, and pursuant to the revised DAO No. 37 series of 1996, all projects that has significant negative environmental impact (Environmentally Critical Projects), and areas that is environmentally sensitive (Environmentally Critical Area), and is listed in Presidential Proclamation No. 2146 and in accordance with Section 4 of PD No. 1586, are required to undergo an Environmental Impact Assessment process to address environmental consequences of implementing projects or undertakings and to design preventive, mitigating and enhancement measures, prior to the issuance of Environmental Compliance Certificate from DENR-EMB XII Regional Office.

The S and G Diversified Farm in compliance is submitting this report, where the project site is located at Purok Papaya, Upper La Union, Mankilam, Tagum City. This report shall state the description of the project activity, the present environmental conditions and impact assessment within the geological location of the project. All information contained in this report shall be the basis for review and assessment for an Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) application of the aforementioned project. Additional information required prior to approval, the proponent should the same.


Project Background

The pig industry tends to be concentrated into particular locations. Among the various livestock species, piggery is most potential source of meat production. Pig farming will provide employment opportunities to seasonally employed rural farmers and supplementary income to improve their living standards. The said project is within the 10,000 square meter property lots and was zoned as Agricultural as certified by the City Planning and Development Office (CPDO).

The Proponent

The proponent of the 10,000


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