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Dr Pepper 7up Inc Squirt Brand

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Dr. Pepper/7 Up is largest non-cola soft drink company

① 3rd largest soft drink company

② Trend toward non-cola beverages should benefit 7 Up

③ Brands: 7 Up, Dr. Pepper, A&W, Squirt

④ Depends on effective marketing/ promotion . Fresca and Squirt are positioned as "thirst quenching" and no-caffeine

Citrus category (Mellow Yellow, Mountain Dew) has caffeine/positioned as "refreshing"

Mountain Dew positioned as "young, cool, hip, edgy"

Fresca/Squirt sales down, Dew up

Squirt sales coming from younger (under 12 yrs.) and older (over 40 yrs.) consumers

Preferences formed between 12-24 yrs

Squirt missing this period!

According to the FCB analysis .these seven brands were positioned along two prominent dimensions .squirt was the most "thirst quenching beverage .mountain DEW was the most young cool and hip beverage FCB concluded :a creative strategy needed to be developed to increase relevancy with a younger target (market )and focus on squirt ,s thirst -quenching property

The formal positioning statement for squirt .upon which a creative advertising execution could be build was stated as follows

For young multicultural adults who thrive on the excitement and spontaneity of living up to the MAX

Squirt citrus soda fuels your thirst for living life loud with an exhilarating taste that,s powerful thirst-quenching!

This new positing had five benefits ,according


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