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Dr. Pepper Snapple Group Case

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Executive Summary

Dr. Pepper Snapple Group executive and management departments needed to find a way to increase sales in products and customer satisfactions. They came up with the idea of creating a new division that will focus on the mission and vision of Dr. Pepper Snapple Group and help increase revenues for the company. They hired Johnnie Kersh to be the director of their new division. She wanted to create an application that will help focus more on the company’s short and long term goals. She created the Gaming Lab and they would be responsible for creating the app along with the marketing department for sales and revenues. The division will consist of about 8 employees from departments within the company. The app will be free to download on all wireless devices from the Play Store, iTunes, or Amazon Store. This application does not require a lot of personal information. The Gaming Lab is aware of hackers and providing the best security system to protect the company’s information. The customers will have a chance to chat with all departments’ directors and other employees about any concerns about the company. The customers will receive a reward card for just signing up on their wireless devices. The customers can used the reward points for prizes, discounts on products, and a tour to a Dr. Pepper Snapple Group facility, and free life time products. . The customers can give feedback or share their ideas about future products. The app will have games that children and adults can enjoy playing. The marketing department will allow other companies to invest in DPS website. The investors can post their direct link to DPS website and hoping to more new customers. An example of a company that may invest is Nissan. They can advertise their vehicles specials on the DPS website. This app will can help improve relationships with business to business and business to customers. DPS values in helping their communities and customers.


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