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Dr. Pepper Snapple Energy Drink

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Case Title:  Dr. Pepper Snapple Energy Drink

Your Name:  Alex Willis

  1. What is (are) the main problem(s) facing the decision maker, i.e. what is s/he charged specifically with? (4 points).

Andrew Barker is faced with a few main problems. The overall issue that he is facing is assessing whether or not a profitable opportunity exists for DPSG to produce, distribute, and market its own brand of energy drink. Stemming from that main issue he is charge with a few other specific tasks. If Barker thinks it is the right move to go ahead with the energy drink he must create a marketing strategy. Also, prepare first year sales and profit projections using a pro-forma income statement. Finally, make a recommendation as to what tactics the energy drink should use as far as product, price, distribution, promotion.

  1. What are the strategic options (alternative courses of action) available to the decision maker?

Marketing Strategy Options

Target Market

Differentiation Positioning





Launch Decision

Do not launch it is not profitable

Do launch it is profitable

Target Market

All Energy Drink Users

Heavy Energy Drink Users



Heavy Users are Males 12-34

Tab Energy Demographic

Adults Only (35-54)


Package size (8 oz, 16 oz, 24 oz)

Flavors (one, two)

Version (regular, sugar-free)

Package Type (single serve, multipack)





Convenience Stores

Differentiation & Positioning


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