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Monster Energy Drinks

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Monster energy drinks have many ups and downs. One good thing is that, they will give you energy to things that you otherwise would'nt. Myself personally, i like the taste and the boost. The downfall is heart problems from drinking too much. There has been kids who have had heart attacks from consuming too many. there has been alot of studies to also undergo research on the new energy drinks w/ alchohol. They call the black out ina can. there was 5 college students who were hospitalized from drinking too many joose. but is it really the companys fault? people should know when to stop drinking but they dont. every alcohol drink vividlys "please drink responsibly". is that not enough? now they have banned caffeinated alcoholic drinks. i think that its the responsibility of the consumer to know when to quit drinking the drink. thats why they call it black out in a can because your energized and your under the influence. therefore you blackout and dont know what your really doing. to me its pretty stupid because now they have a new mault liquor drink called "tilt". which is practically the same the as joose, four loko, etc. i just dont understand the government some time. there are so many ways to drink caffeinated alcohol. All you have to do now is buy red bull and a bottle of whiskey and its exactly the same. So why take the conveinence of buyin the caffeinated drink rather than have to mix it yourself. I personally think it is pointless.


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