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Alternative Energy Resources

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Thesis Statement: Through oil reserves being depleted, our environment being harmed and rapidly rising oil prices, it is imperative that we progress further in our quest to employ alternative energy resources.

I. What is an Alternative Energy Source?

A. Alternative Energy Sources: The means of producing energy that does not consume nonrenewable resources.

B. Fossil Fuels

1. Coal

2. Oil

3. Greenhouse Effect

4. Hybrid

5. Electric Energy

I. Alternative Energy Sources from Ancient Times to Modern

A. The need for alternative energy sources has occurred over the last 30-40 years.

B. 2000 B.C- The Chinese first discover how to use coal to use as an energy source.

C. 200 BC- The Chinese develop natural gas as an energy source.

D. 200 BC- Europeans harness the first water energy to power mills

E. 1821- First natural gas reserve drilled in the US

F. 1973- Trans- Alaskan Pipeline becomes major source of oil and it gets put into debate by a lot of countries.

G. 1975- Congress decides to carry out project furthering studies on wind and water energy.

H. 2009- Obama creates a mass project to explore biofuels and create alternative energy sources that will eliminate the use of nonrenewable resources

III The Problem Our Current Society is Facing

A. The population of the earth has reached over 6 billion people.

B. Not enough resources to satisfy everyone.

C. All oil reserves will be used up in the near future leaving us for the need to find an alternative.

D. The


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