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Article Review - High-Risk Alcohol Use Associated with Past 30-Day Energy Drink Use

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Article Review #2 Date: 03/21/2019


TITLE: High-Risk Alcohol use associated with past 30-day energy drink use

AUTHOR: Ronald D. Williams Jr., PhD, CHES, Conrad L. Woosley, PhD, CMPC, CHES, Jeff M. Housman, PhD, MCHES

JOURNAL: American Journal of Health Studies YEAR: 2018 Volume: 33 Issue: 3 Page#: 113-117

APA CITATION: Williams, R. D., Woolsey, C. L., & Housman, J. M. (2018). High-Risk Alcohol Use Associated with past 30-Day Energy Drink Use. American Journal of Health Studies, 33(3), 113–117.

What was the major purpose or problem described in this article? To discuss the relationship of energy drinks and alcohol. People who drink energy drinks are more likely to consume more alcohol on a weekly and monthly bases than non energy drinkers.

1. What, if any, were the hypotheses or research questions? “ It was suggested that energy drink users specifically those who consumed alcohol mixed with energy drinks compared to those who consumed alcohol only showed lower odds of various risk-taking behaviors including negative alcohol related consequences.” (Williams, Woosley, & Housman, 2018)

2. What sample was used in this research?

In this research the college campus sent out a system wide email survey. Among the 3,000 students who received the email only 605 students completed the survey. Among the 605 students only 557 submitted the survey correctly with no missing data .

3. What types of methods of data collection were used?

After students were


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