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Disc Platinum Rule Assessment and Workplace Observation

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DISC Platinum Rule Assessment and Workplace Observation

The Platinum Rule "focuses on patterns of external, observable behaviors using scales of directness and openness that each style exhibits," (Alessandra, 2010, p. 5). The basis behind this report makes it simple to use and remember. The four DISC Platinum Rule behavioral styles are the Dominance Style, the Interactive Style, the Steadiness Style, and the Cautious Style. The Platinum Rule serves as a useful guide for relationship situations, included those in the workplace.

The Dominance Style: according to the Platinum Rule Assessment, the Dominance Styles are driven by two governing needs: the need to control and the need to achieve. Dominants take on many tasks, and focus with a no-nonsense approach to achieve goals and complete tasks. Characteristics of strength for this style include leadership, high energy, administration, and multi-tasking. On the other hand, this behavioral style tends to be impatient, insensitive toward others, a poor listener, and may take themselves too seriously.

One team member falls into the Dominance Style, as a Producer. After reading the results and assessing his work environment, Kenny believed that the assessment described his personality and work ethic very well.

The Interactive Style: the Interactive Style's strengths are enthusiasm, charm, persuasiveness, and warmth. They are gifted in people skills and communication skills with individuals as well as groups. Their excitement and visions help influence others and build alliances. This style is more relationship-oriented, rather than work-oriented.

Our learning team did not have any members fall into this particular behavioral style. As fun and enthusiastic as the Interactive Style may be, in a mellow group, this type of personality may interfere with the work that needs to be done.

The Steadiness Style: the Steadiness Styles, the most people-oriented of the four styles, are warm, supportive, and nurturing individuals. According the assessment, in the office the Steadiness


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