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Cultural Differences in the Workplace

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• Fair and equal treatment of all employees

• Achievements recognised and rewarded

• Open management style

• Regular feedback

• Open and honest communication

• Clear goals set out

• Regular training

• Equal opportunities for all employees


Cultural differences in the workplace

Most Australian workplaces today employ people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Some workers may have specific cultural needs or requirements which should be taken into account.

• Dress - Some cultures have specific clothing such as headscarves or turbans that are worn at all times.

• Religious practices - Some religions require time during work each day for prayer or time off for special religious days.

• Customs - Some cultures can or can't have specific foods and drinks, or may have rules about how food is prepared.

• Social values - Ideas about appropriate social and sexual behaviour, work ethics, wealth and personal growth vary between cultures.

• Family obligations - Some cultures have high family priorities which may sometimes conflict with work.

• Non-verbal behaviour – Eye contact, facial expressions, hand gestures and how people interpret them vary between cultures.

Employers are responsible for their workers' physical and psychological health and well-being and should encourage tolerance and respect for cultural differences in the workplace.


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