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Culture Differences Influence Strategy

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My responsibility on this group is to make a profile for Malaysian culture.We know once decide to enter into other countries' markets,there exits many obstacles.So knowing the countries' is very necessary.Then after knowing the culture ,making planning entry strategies should be done.When we enter into this markets A lot of problems should be taken into the consideration.I mainly focus on the workforce problems.Looking for adaptable workforce is very important.At last try to get some preference from the local government and people.

Our company is one of the professional sporting goods manufacturers in China with more than 7,000sqm production space & more than 80 skilled workers. Our main products including(but not limited to) pvc sporting floors, semi-dry suit for diving, sporting suits and shoes and different kinds of sporting balls. With more than 10 years working experience, we've gained really good reputation in the sporting goods industry, and products have been widely accepted by most of our customers in Malaysia, Europe, Australian & Japan market. So we totally have reasons to expand oversea market

Because a lot of Chinese lives in this country.differences between two countries is very small.But in view of this is a Muslim country,,narrowing these differences are very information by culture dimension.Comparing with China,I making a table to illustrate this culture

Value dimensions Individualism Power distance Long-term/short -term orientation Uncertainty avoidance

Malaysia Low High Long-term High

We mainly apply Hofesede's value dimension to know this kind of culture.

For individualism,influenced by Chinese traditional culture.It is a collectivism country.So aimed at this point.when we making strategies,collective decision is more better than individual decision.And if we want to inspire our workforce,we should try our best to reward the team.It can work well.For staffing policy, when we make salary policy,the salary difference should be very small among a team.But it makes us not to find specialists.Because we evaluate group performance,so we can not incentive the most excellent workforce.So we had better recruit line worker from the local.For specialists,we can look for them all over the world.

For power distance,I searched the internet and found that Malaysian power distance index is 108.It is highest power distance country in the world.It is amazed.The local employees acknowledge the boss's authority simply by respecting that individual's formal position in the hierarchy,and they seldom bypass the chain of command.

For long-term/short-term orientation,Malaysia is a long-term country.They focus on long-term goals,so when we operate our company in this country,managers should be more future-oriented and so stride toward long-term goals;we


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