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Malls Versus Local Markets

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Just like an organization is incomplete without the support of all it's employees, a project is always incomplete without the support of the people behind the entire process.

Thereby we would like to thank a number of people who have supported us and helped us in every way possible to complete this comprehensive project. We would first like to thank my professor and mentor Professor Subhadip Roy without whose support and methodical instructions this project would have never been systematic.

We would also like to thank those 100 respondents who have been generous enough to devote their valuable two minutes against the wrath of their own projects and daily pressures.

"Who else could not but swim along the currents,

But a man of his caliber is one,

Who thus dares to swim against the currents on the contrary

And still wins by a distance."

Thank you for giving us the determination and making us realize our own potential.


It is said that research in any field involves the maximum perspiration but those who succeed are the people who possess the ability to sell and thus emerge victorious.

Our project is about a research on malls and local markets and includes a comparison of the two. We have conducted research on the present trends and preference patterns of people with regard to malls and local markets.

This project thus provides the entire details of the research process, research details, research results and conclusions based on them. We have essentially tried to provide all details possible with regard to the research process based on our findings though there may be places where some parts might be missing but that is essentially due to the limitations of the research process, inexperience and extraneous variables. However every possible detail has been attempted to be provided otherwise.

Objectives Of the Research Study:

1) To determine the factors determining the shopping experiences and purchase decisions of customers.

2) To facilitate a comparison and preference between malls and local markets on the basis of factors inferred out of our study.

Research methodology:-

For the purpose of conducting an appropriate


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