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International Human Resource Management

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International Human Resource Management is to manage the human resources in the companies at the international level to accomplish the goals and objectives of the company. It can gain a competitive advantage from the competitors at the level of international as well as national. It involves the functions of human resource management like recruitment, development and training, selection and others which have done at international level as well as extra activities like expatriate management, international skills management and others. Furthermore, it also uses to understands, researches, applies and revise the activities of human resources in external and internal environments as they affecting the process towards the organizations of the human resource management across the worldwide contexts to improve the experience of different stakeholders such as partners,  customers, investors, employees and others (Boxhall, P. 2003).

Strategies to increase the retention and success of expatriate

The first strategies are recruitment and selection. International human resource manager must choose their candidates that have fluent in multiple languages which will facilitate the exchange to other regions where may help them more fluent in various operations and tasks at their workplace (Blakely-Gray, 2017). The international human resource manager must distinguish the worldwide competitiveness of the potential candidates as well as always use international knowledge and experience as a standard in the process of selection and recruitment. Moreover, there have around a couple of requirements when selecting those employees for global overseas business operations which are developed high technical abilities, have a great language and communication abilities, tolerance for external situations such as races, qualities, culture, and habits, high motivation and inspiration, resistance on different stress, goal-oriented behaviour and others (Mayhew, 2019).

The second strategies are international training and development which training is designed to enhance current job skills and behaviour, while development is to improve the ability to relate to future positions or employment for management positions (Frost, 2019). Those companies basically will give four strategies which are travel globally, structuring the diverse groups, training and giving international assignments to develop and create worldwide managers. It involves in expatriation management which especially incorporating international training and management development. It’s the best strategy for managers working abroad to train foreigners. Besides that, international human resource managers may plan to train in various areas like management training, commercial operations and cultural training and marketing (MBA Skool-Study.Learn.Share., 2019).


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