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Ihrm - International Human Resource Management

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Nowadays the world is changing. Even if someone don’t want, there is anything to do. The world is becoming more and more globalized, and you have to choose if you want to adapt yourself to this new world, or don’t adapt, but, if you don’t adapt, you will lost good opportunities. Also in the companies, everything is changing. Because of the economic crisis, in Spain for example the market has become small, and the companies have realised that they have to go to other countries to be able to compete with the big companies.

As I have said, now the companies have to gone abroad, and for that, it is essential to have a very good human resources department. Having a good human resources team is nowadays necessary to build sustainable competitive advantage in the global economy. The people that want to work in a big company, have to deal with the globalization. Is not something that will come in 20 years, is something that has already arrived.

The big companies that are in developed countries are already known for everyone, but the small companies that are in the developed and in developing countries, are not as known as the others, but this now is changing, meaning that now in the market are starting to be perceived for all the world. ¿Why are companies going abroad? There are a lot of reasons, mainly I will say: more facilities to travel, quickness to communicate globally, quick develop of the companies, easy way of transfer the know-how between the companies, free trade, better education (and training), migration-effect (currently thousands of people going abroad just to study or to find a job in another country), competitive prices, search of new markets, cultures homogeneity, and to end with, I will say e-commerce (with internet the companies can arrive to the other part of the world just in seconds).

I will start definining globalization as a lot of countries interconnected, and that means that not only the people, but also the companies are fitting in in this new world.

In the past, international business was something exclusive for big companies in developed countries, but today the small companies in developing countries, maybe in emerging markets, are also contributing in greatly in the global trade. There are thousands of small and medium-size enterprises that are selling and buying in the global market. Companies with different kind of jobs and sizes, are already acquiring and establishing in the world, opening subsidiaries, outsourcing, offshoring and doing alliances in many countries.

Human resource involve a lot of things, such as recruit, select, develop and retain the work talent to gain competitiveness in those countries where they decide to establish.

HRM have adapted new strategies of globalization, just because the companies have change their strategies too, and to success with their strategies, HRM have had to change too. It is very important in a company having a good


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