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Innovative Case Study

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1. Wills Sim was a very successful young officer posted in South China Sea in U.S. Navy.

2. U.S. Navy played a critical role in winning Spanish American war.

3. Their main critical task was to gun down enemy ship in sea. But it was difficult because sea waves are rolling and being toss by ship. Hitting a target is difficult.

4. A gun pointer had to estimate distance the target and then fire at the exact time using telescope did not improve accuracy.

5. Naval gun was basically an art. It required a lot of practice. However, the U.S. Navy was doing very well.

6. All these things changed in 1898 with Introduction of continuous ain gun fire.

7. A technique which enables the gun pointer to keep the sight of the gun on the target to throughout the role of the ship.

8. This was done by moving the gun up and down rapidly to adapt to the role of the ship by changing the ratio of the gun.

9. Now, the gun shots were more accurate.

10. The person who introduced this idea of continuous aim gun fire is Admiral Sir Percy Scott of British Navy.

11. He was very innovative by nature. In 1900, Scott was stationed on HMS terrible in the South China Sea.

12. There he met William smith. He was interested inn Scott's idea and learned the details of continuous aim gun fire technique.

13. Sims created detailed reports, list of procedures, documentation and engineering drawings to the bureau of ordinance and bureau of Navigance.

14. To his surprise, he heared nothing from then and sims


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