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How Did Mobilink Managed to Retain the Sufficient Market Share?

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Q: How did Mobilink  managed to retain the sufficient market share?

Mobilink is focusing on quality products not the variety of product under a brand. While other cellular service providers are claiming that they are come up with variety of products for the customers. But customer wants the quality not the variety

Mobilink is completely focusing on the need and wants of their consumers and providing them all there needs according to their desires. Especially mobilink has a largest customer care centre than other service providers. Mobilink has 3 mainly customer service centers.

For retaining high value customers the Mobilink team came up with the club red offer. It invites the high value jazz subscribers to join the exclusive club with 50% off on all calls made to Mobilink numbers for members, Club Red is a club created for those who want and deserve the red carpet treatment. Under this offer Jazz subscribers who cross the monthly usage threshold of Rs. 1,000 will get a 50% discount on all calls to Mobilink numbers for the remaining days of the month. i.e. If a subscriber reaches Rs. 1,000 threshold on 20th of the month then he/she will get a 50% discount on all Mobilink calls till the end of month.

Being the market leader, Mobilink find ways to expand total market demand and protect its current market share through good defensive and offensive actions. It increase its market share, even if the market size remains constant and leading Telecommunication Services Provider in Pakistan by offering innovative Communication solutions for our Customers while exceeding Shareholder value & Employee Expectations.

 In pricing strategic point of Mobilink is practicing the market skimming strategy not the market penetration strategy, as the other service providers are focusing on the penetration strategies with the lowest rates. But the Mobilink is charging the premium prices on their quality services bases and the highest market share in the Pakistan, and providing the more connectivity than other service providers


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