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H&m Analysis

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H&M and water

H&M is working actively with different initiatives to address water issues in our direct operations, supply chain and the communities we touch. Below you can read more about our work in this area.

H&M brings clean water to the communities

Holiday campaign with UNICEF

Water is an important issue both to H&M, our customers and the communities where we operate. Therefore, H&M and UNICEF have joined together in a global Holiday campaign to give children access to clean water and basic sanitation. H&M will start off the campaign by donating USD 150 000 to UNICEF's water project. Our customers can contribute to the campaign by making a donation to UNICEF and its important water and sanitation work in our stores.

Collaboration with WaterAid

Since 2002, H&M has collaborated with the international charity, WaterAid and supports its water and sanitation projects in Asia. WaterAid works to provide safe, clean water, teaches communities about the importance of good hygiene practices and develops effective sanitation to prevent water-related diseases. So far, H&M has donated more than USD 2,7 million, which has helped more than 110,000 poor people gain access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene knowledge.

Read more about our collaboration with WaterAid here.

H&M's direct operations

Although retail is a comparably low user of water, we aim to minimise the use of water in our own operations. One area where we can influence water use is in our stores and warehouses. For example we can do this by using low-flow toilets and taps and use rainwater to rinse toilets.

with water in our supply chain

Addressing water


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