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Character Analysis of Dill in to Kill a Mockingbird

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Dill is everything about children. Firstly, he had never been serious. Dill is always wondering about Boo Radley and what to play in the next minute. The only part in the book where Dill showed a sign of understanding the society was at the trial: he cried, because Mr. Gilmer's tone was unpleasant. Though for a second there, Dill realizes the discrimination towards Tom Robinson from Mr. Gilmer, he cried, which is a sign of children innocence.

When Dill showed up in chapter one, he gave the readers a feeling that he is an ordinary kid because he reads Tarzan, The Rover boys and Tom Swift. And he had seen Dracula before. Though an adult wouldn't care about these, the three kids took it very seriously. Dill soon was respected by Scout and Jem simply because he had all the "cool" stuff and they didn't. Also, Jem was willing to touch the door of the monstrous, horrific, ghostly devious, malicious, diabolical and scary Radley place in exchange for the gray ghost. "Our first raid came to pass only because Dill bet Jem the gray ghost against two Tom Swifts that Jem wouldn't get any farther than the Radley gate."(p13)

Another part of the book where Dill was the centre of the story was when he went all the way to Maycomb from Meridian. "Still in wrist manacle, he wandered two miles out of Meridian where he discovered a small animal show and was immediately engaged to wash the camel. He traveled with the show all over Mississippi until his infallible sense of direction told him he was in Abbott County, Alabama. Just across the river from Maycomb." (p140) The attempt for him to escape his new parents was already immature; he actually made it all the way from Mississippi to Alabama....... Dill did not have the consent from his parents, nor was he welcomed to Maycomb by his Aunt Rachel, and he gave himself the permission to stay under Scout's bed. Amazing! If an adult had done that, he would probably be in


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