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Fabrice Lafon Ice Cider - Ice Wine Case Study

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Introduction of Product and Company:

Fabrice Lafon Ice Cider (also known as Ice Wine) is owned and operated by Fabrice Lafon. Fabrice Lafon Ice Cider is suggested to be paired with "soft and mild chesses, international dishes or with the dessert of your choice" (Ice Cider). Ice Wine production requires by Canadian law, once the grape is ripe, a -8°C or colder hard freeze to occur. In order for the wine to be considered Ice Wine the grapes must be frozen naturally and not by any means of mechanical freezing (Ice Wine). Mr. Lafon not only sells Ice Wine under Fabrice Lafon Fins Products he also sells a variety of Wintery Cider Bottles which are primarily paired with desserts. It comes in a variety of flavors which includes: Apricot, Blackcurrant, Blackberry, Maple, Nature, Pear, Plum, and Raspberry (Cider). Furthermore, FLFP offers Apple Ice Wine Vinegar bottles with various apple varieties such as MacIntosh, Royal Gala, Lobo, Spartan, Empire, Cortland, and Golden Russet (Vinegar).

Fabrice Lafon Fins Products are currently distributed in Canada and the United States of America. They distribute their products through exporting on the international market and working with specific companies. FLFP currently promotes their Apple Ice Wine Vinegar on the international market (New York, California); therefore their Apple Cider is not available anywhere else in the world other than a few locations in the province of Quebec.

New Markets: Russia & France

Russia is the largest country in the world. Ural mountains divide the Eurasian continent - and Russia - into Europe and Asia. One fourth of the Russian territory lies in Europe, the other part lies in Asia. With 141.3 million people, Russia is the ninth largest by population, which is spread unevenly across the vast territory: three fourths live in the European part and one fourth lives in the Asian part of Russia (Siberia and Far East regions) (Way To Russia). Out of 141.3 million people living in Russia, about 10 million reside in Moscow, making it "one of the most densely populated cities in the world" (London has about seven million people, and NYC 8.2 million) (British Council). The concentration of Russia's population in Moscow "maintains its status of the political, cultural and financial capital of the country"


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