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Cs1102 Lab 0 - Self-Guided Explanation

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Welcome to CS1102 Lab 0! This document will serve as a self-guided explanation to doing Lab 0. It will guide you on the following topics:

 Connecting to the sunfire server

 Java program editing

 Java program compilation

Java Program Compilation on sunfire

This section gives you an introduction to the sunfire machine as well as the basic Java programming environment available on this machine. The steps given will also help you to become familiar with the process of editing, compiling, and running simple Java programs.

The major steps

To compile and run a Java program on the sunfire machine, we need to go through the following steps:

1. login to the sunfire machine

2. create and modify programs using the sunfire machine

3. compile and execute Java programs

Please check that you have the following before proceed:

1. A sunfire unix account. You can create/re-enable your account by going to:

Use your NUSNET id and password to log in.

2. An SSH Client. If you are using Windows, one option for this is the SSH Secure Shell software. You can find a copy of the software in CS1102 IVLE workbin under the "Lab Material" folder. Please download and install it.

Those of you working on Macs or Linux variants can use the "ssh" and "scp" commands in your "" window. The instructions below refer primarily to the Windows environment.



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