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Beauti Control Spa Marketing Management

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Assignment #2: Marketing Products

Beauti Control Spa

Strayer University

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Professor Linda Harris

Marketing Management (MKT 500)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Type of Product the Company Will Offer and Its Primary Characteristics

Product is the most central element of the big 4P’s such as Product, Promotion, Place, and Price, that customers ultimately purchase (Lacobucci, 2011, p.53). Product is something that the company believes it will benefit its customers. Beauti Control Spa offers a full service which helps you create personalized skin care regiments for your customers. With a wide range of possible combinations, finding the five piece regimen for every customer only takes minutes. These products include:

• Purifying cleansing lotion

• Exfoliating Polish

• Regenerating Tonic

• Defend & Restore Moisture Lotion

• Restructuring Eye Creme

Beauti Control Spa is offering these products to customers at home. They are satisfied with those products and services we offer. Our products offer not only the convenience by having them available at their reach but also provides different services and satisfies them by offering new products and specialty items which include the following:

• Latest Makeup for all skin types

• Fun & Flirty Fragrances for both men and women

• Relaxing massage

Beauti Beauti Control Spa provides services that distinguish from our competitors and is proud to use only the finest products. After exhausting research, Beauti Control products are free of parabeans, sulfates, gluten, artificial dyes and fragrances. Dermatologist, sensitivity and allergy testes and never tested on animals. Our entire staff has personally tested each and every one of the products that are used in our services and sold to our customers. These products dramatically improve the skin appearance. They are pharmaceutical quality products backed by science that the result is guaranteed. Acne to anti-aging, dry and oily skin conditions, uneven tone and texture, Beauti Control is proven to work.

Product Branding Strategy

A brand name conveys particular image and reputation of the company. It also assures reliability of the products and services to consumers (Lacobucci, 2011, p.66). To sustain our business in today’s highly competitive global market, it is imperative to find our market


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