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Apple Marketing Plan

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The Marketing Environment1. Competitive forces: The competition to start a recycling program within colleges and universities are somewhat weak locally, but very strong nationally. The percentage of items recycled is difficult to obtain since there is minimal participation within in local communities. Competition within the recycling industry is strong in national sense, but weak in advertising and local participation. 2. Economic forces: Nationwide, many universities and colleges have implemented recycling programs to help with the reduction of costs. 3. Political forces: There are no expected political influences or events that could affect the start of a recycling program. 4. Legal & Regulatory forces: There are currently no laws or regulatory forces that are required when going green.5. Technological forces: There are no expected technological forces that would stop the growth of recycling programs. 6. Sociocultural forces: The main forces stopping recycling are people who are not educated in the benefits recycling have towards the environment and how important it is to reuse the materials for other uses.

Target Market(s) Robert Morris University's target market in its plan for going green consists of five major groups: students, professors, food service workers, maintenance crews, and the local community. Robert Morris University feels that these individual groups can all work together to achieve the goals that the "Going Green" initiative hopes to accomplish. Each of these groups has everything to gain by helping the school "Go Green" and nothing to lose. Not only will Robert Morris University cut down on the amount of garbage that is thrown out and the amount of electricity that is used, but it will have a cleaner atmosphere. Regardless, if you are a student on your way to class, an employee going to work, or just a visitor, your trip will be impacted positively by the "Go Green" initiative.


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