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Analysis of Ibm

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IBM, an acronym for International Business Machines is the chosen company for the analysis. IBM is an American multinational company that has it's specialization in technology and consulting with its headquarter located in United States of America in New York. In the year 1911, it was established and it is positioned as number one in the world in the in the supplies of computer accessories, products and services to its numerous clients. In addition to this, IBM has recognition as the leader and largest technological based supplier with high sale of both computer software and hardware and has employees excess of 500,000 which serves clients in more than 150 countries.

The strength of IBM lies in its diversified workforce coupled with its flexible culture, which enable employees of the company to have free and open forums for any innovations, diverse ideas and technology. (Richard R Perdue, 2003). IBM's strategic outsourcing, mergers and acquisitions coupled with vast economical consummation unit and its flexibility in marketing management has placed it as a successful company in the industry. At IBM, strategy research is built on the pillar of both solid resources and core competencies but therefore concentrates on functions of management in establishing and adjusting these capabilities to correct the fast fluctuating environments. In addition, the value of business is established to improve the corporate standards that both business and IT can utilize in implementing the key strategic business innovations and initiatives reliably faster. This in turn generate a competitive advantage for the company.