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World Without People

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World without People

  AD2515, the population of the earth has exceeded the limits of the planet can bear. Humans put eyes on the vast expanse of outer space. Humans began to migrate to other habitable planets gradually, for example, Gliese581d, which is 20.5 light years away from earth. The closest habitable planet is only 6.5 light years from the earth. What will the earth look like after all human left it?

  Only one day after people gone, in the absence of maintenance, generators will gradually lose power and the world will be plunged into darkness. Other systems will collapse too; the subway will be flooded by underground water.  

  AD2516, the first year after people left. The city has become a wilderness, animals returned to nature. Vegetation covered concrete floor, the building has become a habitat for plants, city revitalized under the power of nature. Nature is gradually regain the right to dominate

  AD2520, the fifth year after people left. The forest fire caused by lightning quickly spread to the city due to the unmanned rescue, the world has almost become a sea of fire. But the charred wood injected indispensable nitrogen for plant growth into the soil. The city was almost completely covered with plants.

  AD2535, the 20th year after people left. Concrete building began to collapse; Sea levels will have been rising, submerged many low-lying cities. The city has become a dead city, like Prypiat—abandoned due to the accident of Chernobyl nuclear power station. An original football field has become a tropical rain forest. The numbers of wild animals grow rapidly. The city was dead, but life was in a gradual recovery.

  AD2555, the 40th year after people left. Wood and stone building will gradually be eroded, be collapsed. Some reinforced concrete buildings still stand.


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