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The Law of Leadership

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The Law of Leadership Summarized:

The Law of Leadership is not a specific regulation as the law expressly provides. It is a marketing strategy that helps you standing advantage over the competition. The dominant idea of the law of leadership is being first in the market or industry and no matter the product is not the best, which is focused on creating a new category rather than following the existed category.

There is an old saying in China called preoccupation which means the majority people will believe the first impressions when their brain received, and the first impressions will be the strongest cognition in their mind. As it turns out, we usually know who was the first inventors or who was the first implementers but may not say it out who was the second. Based on the well-known, it comes with reliable and trustworthy. There are plenty of good examples that the first founding brand still leads the category today. For example, the Chrysler, Jeep, IBM, Gillette, etc.

However, there still have too many exceptions but it cannot efface the importance of the being first. 

The Law of Perception Explained:

The law of perception provides people how to interpret their minds when they are comparing brands within the same category. Marketing is not about products that battle of the price, styling, quality, or features but is about how people perceive products. If the marketing is the confrontation of products, people will have the same perceptions of the specific brand or product. The marketing will reduce a lot of products of different grades and prices in each industry, due to the people are willing to choose the best which is the only answer. I believe that there is no absolute right or wrong, also, there is not about good or bad because of different demands.

Reality is what we create in our minds, it doesn’t exist. So, the marketing manipulates the people’s perceptions and leads us to believe things are. An old woman bought a teacup from me at fair market. She told me the Chinese-made cup she had before was easily broken. Her friends tell her that Japan makes better quality and repeatedly confirm that cup is made in Japan. People have believed that the products from Japan have higher quality than China. No matter how I believed and what is the truth. The difference lies in how people perception from their experiences. Customers believed what they want to believe. Marketing should be focused on changing the perception of people.


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