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Onida Sells Case Study

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Onida sells products of TV's , DVD's , microwaves, AC's , LCD's , LED's , Washing Machine's , AC's, Mobiles.

We visited their plant at wada which sells TV's and AC's. R&D is required for TV's whereas no R&D is required for AC's. In the factory at wada. The manufacturing plants of ONIDA in south and west takes care for the manufacturing of TV's. The manufacturing plant at north in Rourkee and at East has been taking care for the manufacturing of washing machines.The factory at Rourkee controls the region of north , central and east of India whereas the factory at wada controls the south,central some part of east and west of India.

Onida has a very intense distribution channel. Onida's principal assembly operations are conducted in a plant at Wada, 80km from Mumbai. Onida also has a plant at Delhi which meets the requirements of Northern region. Apart from this it has intense distribution network with 33 branch offices, 208 customer relation centers and 41 depots across India which ensures that Onida products are available on retail Shelves.

Onida also has presence in international market. With its sales and marketing office in Dubai reported 215% export growth in two years. The shipments to the Gulf contribute almost 65% of Onida's export revenue while shipments to fast growing East African market like Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, and Ethopia along with SAARC countries accounts for 16% of export revenue.

In case of colour television segment,Panel and picture tube is the most expensive component.ONIDA's plant at wada outsources all these.The main suppliers of colour picture tube are LG and Samsung and for the panel , the suppliers are Samsung and AUO (AU Optronics).

System of ordering

1. R&D makes the specifications and the list of vendors . Marketing team plans of the no of units reqd . Marketing Team then sends this information to manufacturing plant

2. Manufacturing plant confirms vendors from R & D

3. Approved source list is given to the suppliers

4. Materials are delivered at source

5. Incoming Quality Control( checks the quality).If the material delivered is not of good quality,then it is returned back to the supplier.

Departments of CRT at wada plant

There are 2 lines for CRT's and 1 line for LCD's.The various departments are

1. Auto Insertion

Here PCS's


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