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Environmental Proposal and Presentation

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Environmental Proposal and Presentation

To know the relationship within management and leadership in Kudler Fine Foods, one needs to recognize the connection between manager and employees. Employees have specific tasks to achieve. When hired, they become permitted to make choices within their work duties and specific responsibilities. Managers like Kathy Kudler the founder organize their communication network worldwide. Because Kathy Kudler purpose is to expedite Kudler Fine Foods through communication over a network, she has tasks to accomplish through decision-making in the same manner as a leader.

Working at the top of Kudler Fine Foods organization, leaders also have tasks to complete, just like the employees. Management has organized the company control by introducing the application of the company's extensive file of network. Managers will be applying the highpoints of the main objectives that need to be proficient in the organization. The company needs to execute the task and go forward within the organization's goals that can affect the company network. The association among the employees and Kathy Kudler the founder of the organization has made choices that they make correspondingly. As stated previously, executives fit the idea as the organizers of the network connecting worldwide.

Kudler Fine Foods organization has implemented successfully material and expertise to management. An extensive part of networks allows every store to communication effectively to manage the platform of food production. Kathy Kudler stores have attendants that can link with other networks and exploit material received from the main buyer attendants at sites. The computerized data of the point of sale makes inventory of produce, cheese, and wine manageable. The system also permits electronic payments.

Accepting the control of competitions, Kudler Fine Foods market tactics embrace publicity in forms of


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